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Over 40 Years of Experience

Within the Hawai'ian archipelago, Captain Ralph (the heart and soul of the business) and his crew have lead sailing adventures while working for many ecologically-oriented groups: prioritizing sailing, culture, and the history of Hawai'i through a safe and fun voyage!

Our plans for a day's agenda are moulded by the weather, our guests desires and our captain/crew's ability to provide an epic day of ocean exploration, relaxation and adventure. We pride ourselves on minimal monitoring and keeping our pristine environment, pristine!

We have been featured on a CNN travel show for unique activities on the island of Hawai'i. We have also Partnered up with Cornell University for Humpback Whale Research on the west coast of the Big Island, Identifying and annotating their behavior while they are here for the winter.


The Charters

Aboard Pua, guests with a desire to experience ground-level sailing in a relaxed atmosphere among good people can choose between two booking options: individual or a private group. Up to 6 guests total are allowed on every voyage. 

- Book 1-2 weeks in advance at minimum

- BYO Food + Drinks and don't be shy about sharing with your Captain!

- We strive to be a MINIMAL WASTE vessel  so we encourage you to bring reusable water bottles and reusable tupperwares for food.


Groups and individuals will meet at South Kawaihae Harbor (Gate 13), then set sail off the coast of Hawai'i. Party will then learn about the cultural history of Hawai'i and partake in ground-level sailing learning. About half-way through, we'll hook up to a mooring, have a snorkel and eat some lunch. Once everyone has had their fill and the day is at its end, we will hoist the sails and head back to harbor.

keiki sail 1.jpeg

Days of Operation

*weather permitting*

TUESDAYS 10:30AM - 3PM or closing

THURSDAYS 10:30AM - 3PM or closing

SUNDAYS 10:30AM - 3PM or closing


At least 48 hours notice for guaranteed refund. Should weather interfere, full refund guaranteed if reschedule does not occur.

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